modern alternative for Clarendon

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anyone know any modern font that is similar to Clarendon?

tried lubalin graph, looking for something more round


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I would recommend Jubilat, it has 3 different "forms" for some of the characters, and definitely has a Clarendon flavor.

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PMN Caecilia,

Fits the spec.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Parry from OpenType is very nice.

But my most favorite Clarendon face is Ionic by Matthew Carter.

Kerned to perfection!!!

Mikey :-)

PS... the lowercase a is my favorite

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> more round

Can you be more specific?

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Including Italic versions and Bold variations, Belizio from FontBureau is probably the closest and most complete alternative to Clarendon.

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The new Cassia by Hoftype is a “classical” slab serif with a softer touch to it. It is more a play on the genre, as a strict substitute however.

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I agree with Stephen, Eames Century Modern.

Chronicle from H&FJ also might not be a bad typeface.

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@ SuperUltraFabulous
Speaking of Carter’s Ionic, where is it possible to purchase it ?

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If “round” means less rigid or playful, then Farao,

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Hello Celeste:

If would like to purchase Mathew Carter’s Ionic, contact Cherie Cone at

Mike :-)

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I'd like to second the suggestions of Eames Century Modern and HFJ Sentinel.

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@looking for something more round
Craw Claredon

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Don't forget Egyptian 505.


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