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hi can you help me?
I'm designing a log for a company called gtp in lower case they want a modern progressive typeface but their clients are deeply conservative. They have rejected the beautiful didot that I came up with, probably rightly and are looking for sans serif faces- they like frutiger. I was wondering if any one knows of a more sans serif font that still has the two loops in the g (whats the technical name for this?) but is more modern. meta is closest but the g and t dont work well together- I could cut a bit off the t. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

very grateful- totallylucid

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There are a number of newer sans typefaces with "two-story" lowercase g's.

I would suggest Apex New for one.

and if they like Meta, maybe consider FF Unit

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Thanks- good suggestions although the meta one looks like its got a spring in it and is about to bounce away much like its designer! - I'm going to sleep on this now and hopefully wake up to lots of inspiring suggestions.

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