In search of... (similar to Bjork's font)

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This is an awkward request but maybe someone here will know what I'm talking about.

Years ago I was dumpster diving outside of a thrift store in my hometown of Fargo, ND when I came across a weird word processor looking thing. Instead of a traditional daisy wheel or other method of printing letters to the paper it used an actual ink pen tip that was attached to some sort of horizontal ribbon system - and it DREW CURSIVE! Not just any cursive either - gorgeous very mechanical looking cursive. Both the paper and the ribbon pen thing would move to accomplish this. The closest example I can find to what I remember the cursive looking like is this image from some of Bjork's album artwork - possibly designed by Me Company.

Does any of this sound/look familiar to anyone? I can't find this thing anymore - my parents may have thrown it out and my searches for info online have been entirely fruitless.


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You looking for the machine or a font? See Echelon, Expletive, and FIG Script.

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Information on the actual machine or if anyone has heard of such a thing. I can't find anything about it online and don't even know what to search for.

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