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Hello! This would have been posted sooner but I've been waiting for Myfonts to approve an introductory discount offer and for the news release to show up on While we're waiting for all that, here's the release:

==================begin news release==================

s e n t i n e l  t y p e  presents

a font designed by Haley Fiege and produced by James Arboghast

S O F T  S E R V E

Looking like happy frosting on a cupcake at a twiddle bug party, this bouncy food entry from Canadian designer Haley Fiege turns Sentinel's Jellybrush type into organic happiness you can spread on pancakes, ice-cream, sorbets. Use it for sauces and condements, oh peanut butter! Hotdogs, sandwich fillings, rubbery items. Anything really.

Soft Serve sample designed by Haley

Language Support: Latin 1 (Western 1252/Mac OS Roman) + Turkish
Formats: OpenType (TrueType coming very soon. Sorry folks, I just plain forgot to make them)
Regular Price: $24.90
Snipped Price: $17.43
Link: Check it out here

=================end news release====================

Grab some samples from my flickrstream here.

And here are some stickers for you:

Ice-cream stickers designed by Haley.

And here's a picture of Shirley Temple:

Well it was in the IN drive with Haley's ice-cream stickers and I love Shirley Temple, so you're getting her as well, okay? I think that's a pretty fair deal. I love me the Shirley Temple. Youth—it's the one thing worth having.

About the font: I suggested to Haley she could make a more commercial and appealing version of my Jellybrush font. Haley loved the idea because that one is right up her street. Nobody does cute better than Miss Fiege can. She did a great job on it, then passed it back to me for refinement and product finishing.

So for the curious, all glyphs in the lower case of Soft Serve are Haley's designs except the new x by yours truly, and most of the cappies are Haley-tweaked versions of Jellybrush capitals.

It was the kind of beautiful, smooth-running collaboration you dream about.

When the introductory discount offer comes online I'll post that.

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30% off sale on now. Offer ends December 20th, 2008.

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