Best Twitter App

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I used twitterific and an assortment of various AIR apps, etc., but I have a new favorite that isn't even Twitter Specific.

Fluid is an OSX app (Sorry PC users) that is similar to Mozilla's Prism application. It creates a site specific browser that is independent of any other browser/window you have open. Yeah, yeah, bla bla bla.

But what is unique is that you can make it work as a menubar app, just like Twitterific, but is in fact a full featured browser.

I now post straight into Twitter, the actual Twitter page, from my menu bar.

Very Sweet.

I also plan on having a menubar app for Typophile, since I haven't been able to check it too frequently as of late.


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Thanks for the tip. Will check this out. Reminds me of Safari Snippets a bit.

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