Consulting Corporate Logo Design. Need advice.:-)

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Ok, so the logo I designed was for a company that deals with government clients, so they needed a logo that was contemporary, classical and very corporate to represent the type of clients they will have to deal with. So, I need adivce from you experienced designers on where to place the 'Consulting' part and which font you think I should use. I just can't seem to get it looking right. Any ideas?? Thanks all.

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I'd use a letterspaced neutral-looking sans (i'd probably plump for Avenir), all caps, aligned with the lefthand stroke of the 'u' and sized to let the G to nestle in the crook made by the x.

At the moment 'Consulting' is too small, and will be lost if the logo is used at small sizes

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Good advice Chris. I actually did go with avinir to start with, but my friend said he thought it should be changed.

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what was her reasoning ... overuse?

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