Poster/T-Shirt Design for School.

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Hey guys,
I forgot about this project and thought I would put something together. The event is the Multicultural Day. What its all about is a day dedicated to many different cultures and what not.

The assignment was to focus on the theme of, “Multicultural Day 2009: Cultural Dimensions of Democracy.” I think it turned out awesome, what do you guys think?


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I am not so impressed as you seem to be ^^
Firstly, I’d like to know why you changed the relative sizes of the continents?
So Antarctica is now roughly the size of Asia,… what’s that supposed to mean?

I can’t really tell you anything about the type, only that it still needs a lot of work.

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I can tell you through it together. I think this could be a ton more successful if you spent some time on it. Design is never good when it is rushed.

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Yeah... kind of a mess and no concept...

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agree with everything above.

random letters sharing words, weird strikethroughs, continents the same size (are you trying to say they're all of equal importance or something?)

no real rhyme or reason for angling certain words. drab color, strange switching up of type and weights.

i think it could be rad if you spent more time on it

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Try some silk-road typography, that should impress your professor.

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