typewriter italic

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Does anybody know this font?


It's obviously not Lacrima or Remington .. tried to find it via Identifont & WhatTheFont, but there was no match.

The image is scanned from an art-advertisement (2001). I guess i remember the font being also used in the artwork of fugazi's album end hits (1998).

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It very well could be from a typewriter. Similar to Script 12 Pitch which is based on a font from a typewriter wheel. See also Monoline Script.

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Yes, i also think it comes from a typewriter, like Script 12 Pitch or Light Italic, the inspiration for Lacrima. I suppose it has been digitalized in the '90s or even before. I saw it as a postscript-font some years ago, but cannot remember the name.

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Oops, meant to post on another thread, sorry.

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