TrueType Vendor Code

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What do most people do when filling in the 'TrueType Vendor Code' field in the 'Basic Font Identification' setting of FontLab.

Should a one-man foundry register with Microsoft or Apple?
(Love to here comments and views from the normal Joe and the Microsoft guys on this)

Or do you, as the manual says,
"...identify yourself without registering you may enter a lowercase four-letter vendor code."

Is there a blank default setting, or are you bound to put Pyrus?

Thanks in advance

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Registering a vendor ID isn't exactly difficult, and might help your customers locate you at some point in the future.

I'd suggest not using the tool default as that seems a bit amateur. If you don't want to register an ID I'd suggest leaving it blank.

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I recommend registering. This way your foundry name will be able to show up in font managers such as Linotype Font Explorer X etc.


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