Birthday Linda Hop! Kick up and be Happy!

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Happy Birthday, Linda!


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Happy, Happy Birthday Linda!


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... and many more ...

Have a great day!


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Happy Birthday Linda! May both the day and the new hockey season be to your liking :^)

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Linda C.? Long time no see. (I guess you are busy creating beautiful things?)
Happy birthday and all the best!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday Linda!

j a m e s

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oh, you really SHOULD have gone to Paris for the weekend then!
hope it's happy. >^D

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Best wishes, Linda!

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happy birthday!

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Sorry I was late for your party, Linda!
The best of belated birthday wishes to you, and many more.

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That's OK, I'm late for my own party.

So what else is new? :-)

Been buried under some amazing wonderfulness mixed with excessive stupidity of late, which isn't ready for relating in public quite yet.

Thanks y'all for the good thoughts, and yes, Paul, I can't think of a better way to spend one's birthday than in Paris....

Mili: I'll be real happy if my Canadiens improve their power play, y'know?

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eew... what'll we do with this moldy cake?

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Happy Birthday, Linda! If Paris is too far, I guess you could always try Montreal, right?

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Chuck, I think that's how Banting and Best got their start, isn't it? ;-)

Dan: had almost the next best thing three weeks before my birthday -- I got to chaperone Geoffroy de Pennart, a charming gentleman from Paris (who spoke almost no English, but writes and illustrates the most amazing childrens books) around Calgary as part of our literary festival. My French definitely got a serious workout!

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