Aziz Firat Motion/Photography Artist

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Hey guys,

I'm new on Typophile. I believe it's a great place
to improve yourself while u get inspired at the same time.
So I really hope to hear a lot from u guys in the future.

Anyway the logo was made for a friend recently. The only letters I could
use were his initials which is AF obviously :). Like the thread
title shows he's a Motion Artist.

U can check his site at.
He will change to a new domain very soon with his own name.

Harsh critism is really appreciated!

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I think it's trying to do too much - particularly with the crossbar of the 'f'.

why does it have to be the designers initials?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Bicycle Film Festival

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Agree with it trying too hard.

To me it looks like a tornado came through and blew a lightpost over onto a big "A" and then a plank of wood flew into the side and got stuck.


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