MSN Volt and Fontlab Groups closing

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Microsoft Groups, which has been hosting a VOLT Users Community group and another for Fontlab has announced that it is closing all groups as of February 2009. It recommends that groups move to Microsoft's Multiply.

In view of the large number of typographers who are members of these groups, and the extensive messages containing valuable advice exchanged over the years, I wonder whether Typophile could or would want to offer to host these groups, members, messages and all?

Or at least invite members to join Typophile?

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Yes we've contacted Joe & Jared regarding this as a possible option. We're also checking with FontLab as to their plans. We will have something in place by Feb.

Cheers, Si

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Great- it will be nice to have all our glyphs in one basket. Also the msn groups lacked a search function so a move here will be an improvement in that respect too.
Good luck.

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