Font for a fridge

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Hello all,

I'm looking for one of those retro scripts that is built out of a line and often used on cars/refridgerators.

If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be grand.

Like this;
but good.



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Three by Leslie Cabarga from Font Bureau:

And Stuart Sandler's has undoubtedly got a bunch over at

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I have a font called Contempo that may be what you're looking for but I can only find it for the PC online

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Hi Graham,

Several of our Font Diner faces were inspired by these styles often referred to as Brightwork but we call 'em streamlined scripts . . .

Emblem Chief was actually inspired by an International Harvester refrigerator logo:

Continental Railway also shares the same connecting look:

Permanent Waves is another in this look:


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I have one called Americana Dreams...also all those others above.

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Thanks everyone.

Had to decide quickly and found Raceway which suited perfectly.

Thanks for all your help.


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Hi, above all links are really good. I appreciate to all.

Thanks, kunal

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