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I've been working on my own logo, and this is what i've come up with.
i havn't found the type I really like yet, but this is it for now.
Any feedback is very much appreciated.
Many thanks

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I read it as V I design., and to me the first logo has MUCH stronger typography than the second one.

just my 2¢.

I assume VW are your initials?

I wonder if maybe you would somehow make it more 'W' it would help.

I mean, I don't want it to read as 'v v' either, but here's a direction I think you could possibly explore. I wonder where it will take you if you play with it

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I read this as one W. What if you strung 3 Vs together and screened one back to separate the V from W?

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I wanted it to be a bit subtle. Does no one else see a 'w' in there?

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i see a w but not right away.

have you played around at all with some sort of subtle shading to indicate the shape of the w? something along these lines:

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