Driving me Crazy!

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I know this font... I know I own this font... I just can't remember the NAME! HELP!

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An odd mangling of an odd font: Black Chancery. Looks like a vinyl cut job.

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Thanks a lot... that's an old font that's on my hard drive, but wasn't in my FontAgent library.

The "odd" mangling is my fault, I whipped it up quickly in AI by tracing over a video grab that was VERRRY low rez - I thought WhatTheFont might ID it, but it didn't work.

FYI, this is from the appliqué crest on the student robes from WizTech in "Wizards of Waverly Place"

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WhatTheFont will only work for commercial fonts in the MyFonts library. There are many free and commercial fonts that won't get ID'ed by that fine machine. You came to the right place as a backup.

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