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Just a short note to anyone from MS here that I'm trying to get my hands on Font Validator.
Have joined MSN via Hotmail.
But the MS Font Validator group seems to me unavailable and the entire MSN group system is moving to 'Multiply'? in 2009 anyway.
I have sent an email to....

My email is....

Any help, greatly appreciated,

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I've sent you the download details, and we're actively looking at alternate options for hosting the forum. In addition we also have a 3rd party developer looking at the code with a view to targeted updates.

Cheers, Si

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Yes, we are aware of the situation with closing MSN groups and are looking at possible soulutions.

I am visiting management pages of our communities once a few days and approve all applications. Just did it again, to make sure you are in.


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Thanks Guys, you're a great help, much appreciated.

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FontLab is now hosting the forum, see for details.

And the Validator page now links directly to the download...

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