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In anyone's interested, Jonathan Hoefler's 'Requiem' is used in a new book, God's Crucible, by David Levering Lewis (Norton, 2008). I hadn't run across Requiem before except as an illustration in Bringhurst- I kept doing double-takes because it looks a lot like Centaur, and the italic looks a lot like Bembo's italic, Blado, but no, not Centaur, not Bembo, and the balance didn't indicate that someone had performed perverse operations on either of those fonts. I had to track it down. Requiem is very handsome, the italic especially so.

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I use Requiem a lot. I love the roman but am less wild about the italic. I find it a little spiky and condensed and not really of a piece with the roman, I'd rather have seen something more rounded and softer, more elegant.

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