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I'm interested in finding more type designs like what I'm attaching, and I don't even know what term to search for. Divided? Stencil? What would you call these -- is it a category, where the letterform is segmented like this?
Also, do you know of other designs like these?
(For the record, this is Albers from P22 and a Louise Fili logo, handlettered, I assume.)
Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Hey, Rob. I guess it's a bit difficult to come up with one term that encompasses this kind of type or lettering. If you go by historical style names, Alber's alphabet is a product of the Bauhaus, with Constructivist influences, while Fili's logo for the Ecco imprint has an Art Deco feel. But I wouldn't call both of these examples Art Deco, nor Constructivist.

On MyFonts, P22 Albers is tagged with the following keywords: bauhaus, decorative, geometric, lined, poster, primnitive, and stencil.

I can't think of anything more helpful, though! :-/

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I don't have an all-encompassing term for you, but in the P22 Albers entry in FontBook the following typefaces are cross-referenced:

Futura Black
Geometric Stencil
P22 Constructivist

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Oops, I meant "primitive".


Another P22 typeface that might fit this category is Richard Kegler's Bagaglio.

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The Albers font was, IIRC, originally a plastic stencil, so the stencil category is quite applicable. You should be able to find more information in books on the Bauhaus, I know it’s also in either Meggs of Jubert.

As for the Fili logo, I agree with Ricardo about it straddling genres, and it’s just one of those special cases without a name.

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