Variation of Pistilli Roman?

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I recently discovered this logo on and was really impressed. Do you think this logo started out as Pistilli Roman? The W seems to look like Pistilli but in italic.

What do you guys think?

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Cabernet with stunted 'W' arm.

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Wow, that is it.

Thanks Stephen

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Not contrasty enough.

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Really, James? It's possible that the logo creator went back to the original film type source, but the outlines in the Cabernet digitization seem to match precisely, if not just a tad thinner (easily altered with a stroke).

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Definitly Jukebox Cabernet Italic Swash by Jason Walcott

edit: too late... Need to refresh my browser before posting...

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Only slightly off topic, what kind of a world are we living in when we can't access a decent digital version of Pistilli Roman?
Should I launch a letter-writing campaign? Push for a voter referendum? Maybe Barack Obama can address this travesty when he takes office.

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Didoni not good enough?

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Didoni and Sahara are both appealing, but the contrast between thick and thin isn't right -- the super-thin strokes is what made Pistilli Roman so cool, IMO, and what made it look great at big sizes.
I'll keep hoping that someone will digitize it someday -- I know people would buy it.

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If you want super contrast Freight Big goes pretty far.

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Cyrus Highsmith did a digitization of Pistilli for Roger Black and Ricardo Feriche for a redesign of Playboy in Spain some years back. Not sure if they have any plans to release it ever. There may be rights issues.

-- K.

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Stephen: I appreciate the suggestion of Freight -- it's nice, but no Pistilli Roman. It's like substituting Meg Ryan for Julie Christie (ha)
Kentlew: Thanks for the information, maybe Cyrus will market his version of Pistilli someday. I'll start sending him bribes. ;-)

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I've did a digitization of Pistilli Roman for a redesign of Glamour magazine years ago when Henry Connell was the art director. I know Dave Farey has done a digitization of it as well. At the San Francisco TypeCon, Dave and I compared our versions, and damn if they didn't look like the same face! No plans of any release.

It is a really difficult design to space properly. Unless of course if you want to smash all the letters together like they did in the 70s.


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I prefer Big Figgins.

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