(x) Monoline scripts - various {gang}

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Which (bold) monoline scripts exist except of Monoline Script?

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Kaufmann Script comes to mind immediately.

As does Nick Shinn's Handsome Bold

Letraset's Santa Fe is very clean.

And Typodelic's Natural Script Bold isn't too bad.

Neil Summerour's Luce probably isn't as bold as you need, but it's definitely monolinear.

Gilles Gothic is probably a bit too displayish.

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I love this forum for the quick and helpful inspirational responses. Thanks Grant and Stephen!
Santa Fe is the direction I'm going for. It's more generic, constructed than the nice "Handsome". But the "e" ... . French Letters looks good to me in the lower letters. Poppl-College and Signal (a little bit to edgy) are cool, Tarantula is supercool,except of some too postmodern features like the "V".

I'm thinking of making a logoish monoline script font. Perhaps it could also look a little bit painted. Something like a bold template handwriting. It's gonna be used for a serious of logos in an art project.
I just want to check: Whats in this field of "template handwriting"? Do you know more contemporary logos based on (custom) handwriting?

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Thanks again,
I don't know if I like the "U" but I like the lettering.

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Santa Fe looks more like neon to me than handwriting. If you're going for a hand painted look you could try some of House Industries sign painter collection.

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> Whodunnit?

Actually it was Wolff-Olins not Landor. The U was designed by one Miles Newlyn. The script, I'm not sure.

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terital from Letterbox is a nice one, no uppercase though.

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yes, terital is cool. I like the letterbox-logo too.

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Nice list, Grant.

Also by Max Kaufmann: Swing

FF Market

Dave Farey's French Letters

Poppl-College is very interesting, as is Signal - too bad you can only buy them from scoundrels

More contemporary: Van Dijk

MeMimas by Spain's Type-Ø-tones is cute as heck. Martha Stewart Baby magazine uses the regular version for its logo.

Sinclair is almost monolinear and a great example of an underused brush script

E+F Graphis

Colin Brignall's Harlow is sort of a rounded Gilles

Another round-nibbed speedballer: Tarantula Script

Wendy, ITC Clover and Hairspray for a prissy touch

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Unilever's redesign is a very recent example.

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Big fat Landor.

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Do you think I should maybe read the articles before I link to them?

Miles! Another Typophile poster!

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