Typeface Trim Job

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I'm working on a magazine masthead and I'm using Futura. I'm using the word Trilby and the ascenders on the lowercase "L" and "B" rise above the capline and the capital "T". My clients wanted a straight line across the top edge of the magazine so instead of using all caps they wanted me to simply trim off the tops of the ascenders. I tend to think that this causes the "L" and the "B" to look stumpy and the stroke of the line looks thicker on these characters than the others. I like the elegance and friendly look of the ascenders. Okay designers, what do you think? Is it right to deconstruct this typeface arbitrarily? To trim or not to trim?

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My opinion: of course not to trim, or you'll lose the balance with the descender of the lowercase y and will be forced to trim it also. I'd play with the uppercase, making it slightly bigger, until it reaches the height of the ascenders. Or doing exactly the opposite, changing the size of the lowercase...

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yes, just raise the top nodes on the T slightly ... (assuming you are working with outlines in a vector app.)

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I agree that raising the T is probably the better way to go.

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If you raise the T you should also make it a little wider I think.

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