Heavy War Sans with a touch of industry

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Hey all,

I need some typeface suggestions. Basically, I am creating a poster based on a movie quote, more specifically the chant about "my rifle" from Full Metal Jacket. I am at the moment very influenced by Alan Kitching, and my plan is to do the layout so that the type creates the shape of an american M16 assaut rifle. I am not letterpressing it however, at least not yet. Now, I am looking for a heavy sans serif typeface, along the lines of Univers Extra Bold, but it need to have a bit more "industrialized" look, if that makes sense. A little more geometric. I have found one - Q Type Condensed Bold, but I´m not 100% sure about this one either, and I want a few more alternatives. Any suggestions? Ideally something from the Vietnam War era (1955-1970). Thanks in advance!


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Have a look at United.

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Strangely enough, I did a very similar project in 1994 and actually used Univers.


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Have a look at the Oxide family.

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Cheers guys, really appreciate it! I actually ended up using QType - after trying more "decirative" typefaces, this one looked best due to the amount of text and the different sizes. Heres a quick screenie (the printed format will be A1):

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Ideally, everything should be made out of type, but that seemed impossible with some of the parts, such as as the handle(?) and the rail.

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