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Lacrima is a typewriter like font family consisting of:

Lacrima Italic a very lovely swosh like serif typeface with little rounded (ink-) drops at the end of some of the lowercase letters and numbers.

Lacrima Serif features the uppercase serifs as well as the corresponding drops to some of the italic lowercase letters.

Lacrima Senza has no drops on any of the lowercase letters and no serifs in all uppercase letters what makes this font very handy for editorial or corporate design.

‹ZZ_Lacrima› is available in Extended Latin encoding, as Open Type format, offering support for Central European, Baltic and Turkish languages. Including many alternative characters and symbols.

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Thanks for the news, Alexander. I've been fond of Lacrima since seeing it at Die Gestalten. Are there differences in your own release?

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Does using it make you cry?

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Stephen: Currently there is only Lacrima Italic at "dieGestalten" available – there is no difference.
Terminal: You got it – Lacrima is italian for Teardrop:

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