'Tomate' release

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'Tomate' has been released. It started in 2006 as a brush lettering exercise for a poster and was later used for the ReType identity. In 2008 its author decided to turn it into a super fat typeface suitable for packaging and mass consumption products. The possibilities of ultra heavy forms are explored in this alphabet; trying to solve the design problems that these sort of forms present. 'Tomate' shows influences from the beautiful 'Goudy Heavyface Italic' which is a design Espinoza admires.


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Very nice. I especially like that g which looks as if it can spin around on the tip of its tail.

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It looks very nice. But I do think the 'y' is too heavy.

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Smooth'n'creamy. I really like it.

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The g looks like a fat fox :) (and that was meant as a compliment)

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Now we are ready for a Food Fight! :-)
There should be some packaging folks who pick your face.


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Why am I hungry now?

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Fabulous! Makes me wish I designed packaging for frozen yogurt.

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Thanks everybody for the comments. And I am going to put the 'y' under a serious diet.


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Very nice, love the g!

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Very nice indeed. The y is indeed a bit fat. Am I the only one who thinks that the tail of g also might loose a tiny little weight?

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