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i'm looking for a font that is an alternative to copperplate. i have a client for whom i'm designing a logo, and he feels that all the fonts i've shown thus far are too 'common.' (these included: requiem, didot, castellar, futura, among others.) he has asked for a 'clean, crisp, unique, formidable, stately' font. he particularly likes the font used for the french laundry logo ( click on 'menu + stories' then click 'menu'. unfortunately, i can't find it anywhere that's clear to view other than a downloadable menu.) i believe it's copperplate that has been modified.
i have a feeling this is one of those cases where he needs to see many options and will (hopefully) fall in love eventually. i don't think a sans serif is appropriate. thanks for any direction to lesser known, well designed fonts.

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The French Laundy logo is indeed a modified Copperplate. Wiescher has a Copperplate with similar flourishes but it's not very well drawn. Your client might be interested in Estilo and Estilo Script or the spur seriffed Friz Quadrata and ITC Elan. Finally, Classica offers a large set of inscriptional ligatures that make quench his thirst for "stately".

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You could also try Engravers Gothic.

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Sorry I didn't see that part about sans serif,

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You might consider Beaufort Medium Extended, in capitals.

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Trajan has a ’clean, crisp, formidable, stately’ to it. However I wouldn't say it is too original.

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If your client is really insisting on Copperplate, Biondi might be a palatable alternative.

Too bad my Palormak isn't quite ready yet.

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I personally stick with Helvetica, Bodoni, Times Roman, Century, Futura. They are all very beautiful.

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Take a look at Alusine and GEronto - Bis, there are others from this French foundry that might fit the bill. You may also like Anisette.

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You can also find a lot of inspiration in the FontShop newsletters HERE.

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thanks for some great suggestions. i especially love the french foundry fonts, as well as beaufort medium, biondi and palormak (not ready.) the fontshop newsletters are great inspiration - thank you! given that my client will 'know it when he sees it' i think i'll present him with screen shots of many of these options.

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Wow, GEronto - Bis is gorgeous!
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