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What's wrong with my computer? I've been getting error messages a lot lately related to GDI.EXE (last night--after an especially long FontLab session I might add--my screensaver wouldn't even come on, the problem was attributed to GDI.EXE). Can anyone enlighten me?

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Ewww. I'd do a virus check for starters.

GDI is the graphical device interface, a key system component of Windows.


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GDI is the Graphic Device Interface, which is the core Windows graphics engine responsible for representing graphical objects and transmitting them to output devices, such as monitors and printers. I don't know what kind of problem you might be having with GDI but you could try

a) backing up your computer,
b) using your Windows insatller CDs to repair your system.

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Yeah!, it doesn't give me a very good feeling in the pit of my stomach...

I'll try all of those options shortly. It's not a debilitating problem (not yet anyway); I first noticed it when I created a TrueType file that included a codepoint not found in the standard Latin codepage. I selected the font in Word and it gave me no error message; I then selected the file in WordPerfect and it could not open it, saying "Error--Cannot use GDI object. The most probable reason is insufficient memory."

And like I said, now it's moved on to other functions (but it's okay again once I reboot the computer). Anyway, I'll try the suggestions. Thanks guys.

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Which version of Windows are you using?

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Windows ME.

I should add that, in addition to the GDI.EXE error, I frequently get other errors: DIBENG.DLL, USER.EXE, TypeTool2.EXE, etc.

I only noticed the problems once I started performing heavy vectorization functions, and not just in FontLab programs--CorelDraw8, CorelPhotopaint8, AI10. Again, any heavy graphics applications.

To tell you the truth, I think my system might be a tad too weak for the operations I'm performing. I'll open three or four of the programs I listed above, copy and paste between all of them, minimize, save, cut (not to mention 7 or 8 ellipse-contours in FontLab all at once trying to become an "s").

Maybe I'm trying to do too much, too fast--that's when the problems occur.

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Perhaps later I'll install Ram-page and see if that helps me out (based on the message mentioning both "GDI" and "insufficient memory" in the same sentence).

BTW, John, I've always been interested in Sequoya's syllabary--is it something that YOU are working on? I look forward to hearing more on the subject.

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I'm not working on the Cherokee syllabery. Native North American languages, to date, are Ross' department. His Plantagenet Cherokee now ships with OS X, and I believe it will also ship with the next version of Windows.

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