We are under attack!

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Some of you may have noticed to recent increase in spam on Typophile. We are finding that they are creating multiple usernames in a very short period of time, bogging down the system and filling the forums with garbage.

So, for a very short time this weekend, we are disabling new user registration for visitors. We'll turn it back on as soon as we can find a solution for the spam attacks.

Hope this isn't going to cause too much of an inconvenience for anyone!

Enjoy your weekend :)


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hmm... let us know if we can help in any way.

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Doesn't seem like a native English speaker from the word construction. Perhaps it is from a foreign IP?


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Zara, thank you all for dedicating your time to get rid of the pest.

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perhaps it is someone angry at a harsh critique?

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Zara, that's a good solution for the time being, and I'm glad you did it.

j_polo9—that doesn't make sense. If somebody was angry about harsh critique wouldn't they want to suppress that material? Posting spam isn't an effective way of suppressing free speech. It's more likely attention-getting spam in the classic sense of the word, you know, spam for spam'sake.

j a m e s

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I was surprised one day when I saw the xialis thing going on. It was odd, and it did not increased any sales ... I wonder if there is a r*d guy out there with a list, ready to publish ...

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Note to Punchcut—are you able to block an incoming IP address? That would be another way of stopping the spammer. The spammer, being a spammer, isn't likely to switch internet service solely for the privelege of posting more of their spam at Typophile. More likely they'll move on to the next public forum and try their luck there.

j a m e s

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reCaptcha instated. New accounts re-enabled.

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Nice work Christian!

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