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Wait your critics.


Titulata.pdf (96.1 k)

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Hey, nice! "Serious fun" is how I'd describe it. And great modulation on the tight joins.

UC: "C" might be wide; I'd raise the bar of the "E", and maybe make it slightly thinner; the "F" isn't working; killer "K"!; not sure about the "Q"; great form on the "S", but maybe a bit wide; "X" seems too strong; amazing Pilcrow; the "N"-tilde is too cool.

Nums etc.: I'd make the square brackets concave; the "1" and "4" seem a bit strong; "6", "8" and "9" need modulation.

lc: the "e" needs modulation; great "fi"; make the eszet sharp on the inside.

Other: great Yen; amazing "@"! but make the belly-button bigger; great Section.

Eduardo, you really have a knack for inventive shapes. Don't lose it!


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I really like this!

Anyone else thing the "f" might be too thin? It doesn't seem to have the same "oomph" as the rest of the face.

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You can see the changes in ouline.



Titulata_02.pdf (99.5 k)

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Esta fuente me encanta...ya te lo he dicho y seriamente :-)
Creo que la e necesita un poco mas de ojo interno.
La Q quiza la haria descender un poco de la linea de base.
Es genial!

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I'm sorry I didn't see this post in June... I really like this! "Serious fun", indeed... My one comment is about the tails of Q and Y... They seem to need some more separation from the rest of the letter.

By the way, I like the way you show the changes you made in the second PDF.

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Great work! Hope you do other weights too,

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This is great fun, really quirky. It almost bounces because of your lc_d and lc_b. I think the uc_M and uc_W are too wide. Love the uc_K. Is the uc_P too quirky? Maybe the uc_S is a bit too wide as well.

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