Serif font to accompany Cholla Sans & Slab

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What would be a good serif font to accompany Cholla Sans & Slab fonts for a technical guide? I had been using Weidemann Book and liked the light, compact feel but feel it's a bit old fashioned and was going to switch to Rotis Semi Serif to give it a more modern look but that font seems funny. Other fonts I looked at were Trump Medieveal, Swift, Apollo, and they all kind of have more of a book reading feel and not really technical guide. Any suggestions?

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The reason Rotis feels funny is that it was made like a engineering plan, not a typeface. I would look at a modern, sturdy Dutch face like Oranda, FF Olsen, or FF Nexus Mix.

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I used to do this magazine in which I used Cholla sans & slab with Neutraliser for bodytext. May sound weird, but worked out fine.

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Not a serif typeface, but for some reason I was thinking a sans like Klaivika might work well.

For a serif, how about Meta Serif?

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