Yas2er logo . Please Critiques

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Hello guys
am working as motion artist for long time but actully this my first time to do a logo for me ... i wasent have much time for my personal stuff .. its like 7 years ago in the business .. and never took that rest to this step before

anyway ..
im not a typefacer .. sure i deal with typography in my work as motion graphicer.. but im not a font maker .. but i need to know your opinions you guys about my logo as typerfacers and professionals in this field and any advice i can work with to fix my logo ..

about the style and the way too effects there .. becouse its not for print yet .. i just draw it fast in photoshop ( i will clear it out with cmyk colors and print issues someday . i just need to finish my logo to make my own showReel )

sorry for the language

and yeah forgot to say ... the logo says ( Yas2er ) .. please Critique

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i see by myself serval problems ..some i cant getit .. i think unbalanced ?? .. and long way word ?? ..and fat text ?

i just cant solve the problems in my own eyes ..you know its very hard to do a personal logo for yourself .. haha

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Is this for an early 1980s metal revival band? if so, don't change a thing. Actually, make the 'ER' look more like 'ER', but that's it.

If it's not for a rock group, then I'd reconsider the treatment.

- Lex

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Very well put Lex. :)
Robert Koritnik

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I would apply more effects in photoshop. Why half-as$ it?

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Just kidding. Seriously though if you want interlocking letters attempt to draw it by hand with a pen and see where that gets you. This angular blade-like thing has so many issues that don't allow it to work well as a logo.

Maybe you got carried away thinking about how you would handle it in After Effects or Maya. Try to make a solid mark first.

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