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Western NY Book Arts Collaborative printer's apron.
The new WNYBAC printer's apron features the California job case "cheat sheet". The layout of the California job case is printed upside down on the apron for quick easy reference by the wearer minding their Ps & Qs. For those who do not hand set type on a regular basis, a quick look down onto the apron will be all you need. This fashionable and practical apron also features the WNYBAC logo designed by James Grieshaber printed on the 2" wide pocket. Black Nylon with white printing. Only $12.50 ($10 for members) (+$5 for shipping with in the US)

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That 2" wide pocket may be large enough to hold pen, pencil, make-ready knife, bodkin, tweezers, shorter ruler, etc.

But does it have enough other pockets for all the other gear a compositor or typesetter needs?

Such as a long pocket for a 12" line gauge. & big waist pockets for palm rules, cigarettes, matches, bottle opener, and general composing room detritus?

I can't tell from the photo.


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Wear it proudly, along with your authentic Pressman's Hat (TM)!

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Nope, this one just has a small narrow pocket. A second edition may use a different apron.

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Better yet, make every section of the case a separate pocket, so we can fill them with misplaced sorts!
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Nice, Rich. But really, don't the p's and q's need minding more than the P's and Q's. ;-)

-- K.

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What a joy! I have not set type by hand in over 40 years but this is too much fun to pass up :-)

Thanks, Rich!


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and d's & b's (and my own possessives & plurals while I'm at it)

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Lovely apron and hat! I actually I thinking the same the other day. I do use a apron yellow, red and white, like the sky is all lilies ... I was considering a brown approach, but now with the bargain, I may end up loosing my hat.

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Now in a 3rd print run:

This may be the last edition so get one while you can. Also great for the Typophile/Chef in the kitchen

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What an awesome idea. I REALLY want one of these. How are you these days, Mr. Kegler?

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Anyone try the pressman's hat? With smaller page sizes, even on broadsheets, these days I suspect that the hat will be too small.

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If kebab skewers unavailable, use a composing stick.

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I have typographic curtains in my kitchen. The only design available was with Helvetica and Times. It sometimes makes me loose my appetite -- don't I see enough type already all day?

(Tying in to the Typographic Foods thread: if this happens, I don't see a bowl of rice anymore, just dotless i's. Helvetica Rounded ones.)

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i noticed more goodies in the Etsy shop, as well:

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Theunis: Thanks. Now that's all I see too. Forever…

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I hope it doesn't get eaten by type lice.
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