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I've been playing with this for a while now and I keep going round and round in circles. I hate designing for myself, because I'm so flipping indecisive. Can anyone give me some guidance on any of these logos for me. It's for my freelance design business.

Cheers in advance


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The first one in the second row is the most compelling - it's clean and sharp and will adapt well to any application. You could use the jv on its own as a graphic device too if you wanted.

The first row has that difficulty with the kerning of 'vi' which is quite distracting. The other two look unbalanced to me - the rounded join in the third row looks forced, and awkward!


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i lean more toward No. 8, but with a bit more of the name treatment like No. 6 (but smaller in relation to the circle).

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That's the trouble with the initials J and V. They just don't sit well together.

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"i lean more toward No. 8"

#8 sort of looks like 'dv'.

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#8 sort of looks like ’dv’.

or 'W'.

I'd stay away from the slab serifs in row 2 - they bring to mind collegiate sports, where 'JV' = junior varsity.

I like row three, because the letters wind up looking a bit like a scribble, which fits with creative design. Though I keep seeing an N or M in the V.

The logos in rows 3 and 4 seem so different in personality: which one is more like you?!

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"The logos in rows 3 and 4 seem so different in personality: which one is more like you?!"

No idea - I like both of them equally but in different ways - I like the neatness and even weight of the line in row 3, but then I like the hand drawn feel of 4; it just depends on the mood I'm in at the time.

How do you guys design for yourselfs? I find it a real struggle!

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I vote row 2, or row 4 with some tweaking to make the letters more legible.

- Lex

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wanted to post the image in the thread to make critiques a bit easier.
good group of logos so far. Some slight nitpicking:

row 1: The j and t need to be narrowed at the loop maybe? Or maybe eliminate the loop on the t
or cut it?
Optically, the t feels like it's too high, like it's tiptoeing on the baseline.

row 2: classy, could work. Or people might perceive Junior Varsity, as mentioned.

row 3: the V feels wide in relation to the J ... and seems to rise too high to the right.
difficult to decipher JV at first glance

row 4: snazzy work on this row, but maybe too close to Walden Media?

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Thanks for the comments people. I was having a play last night and I think I've cracked it - I'm probably going to go for a variation on the bottom row. I'll remove the circle and just have the JV bleeding off the edge of the page, business card or whatever. I'll post here when I've done it.

As for the Junior Varsity comments, I doubt that will be an issue here in the UK, unless I go global all of a sudden!

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last pair is by far the most original of the four. But change the top of J if you don't want it to read d. You're removing the circle to differentiate it from Walden Media. Good. But just removing maybe won't work. Show us the results.

Great work anyway.
Robert Koritnik

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Just been working on it. I can't believe the tiny tiny changes to a curve you have to make to see the biggest changes in a shape! Designing fonts would drive me crazy!

Anyway, latest 2 versions are attached, let me have it!

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Second one is better but it could still be emphasized a bit more on top of J to make it more distinctive. And Maybe loosen up the line weight at the end of v.

But it's nice. I can see how you're going to push it into the edge.
Robert Koritnik

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maybe if you gave the 'j' more of a beginning stroke to serve as a 'point of entry' into the mark... right now, it feels like we're coming in in the middle of the thought. but i like where you're going.

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you might even solve the ambiguity by placing the "dot" atop the 'j'...

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I like this, I'd prefer some work on the "J" to make it read more as a "J". Right now I'm not sure what it is, could be an "a" could be a "d", and that's with knowing it should be a J.

And just a side note...jimijazz - Clash fan?

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"maybe if you gave the ’j’ more of a beginning stroke to serve as a ’point of entry’ into the mark"

Any chance you could explain a little bit what you mean here? I don't think I'll be dotting the J as I like the simple continuos line and wouldn't want to add to it.

As for the Clash - yup, I like them, and I play guitar too and like Hendrix, hence the spelling. It was a nickname given to me by some mates years ago and it stuck!

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What you've got going now is the best of a set of good work.

As mentioned, I'd shave the right arm of the v a bit, as it seems
too bulky in contrast to the left arm/left portion of the mark.


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Well I've updated my site and portfolio ( - what do you reckon?

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Very nice solution and prolongation of the line. I Like it. Even though I would probably change J a bit more.
Robert Koritnik

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How would you change it? I don't want to make it too angular and I can't seem to get it looking more like a "J" without doing that!

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I would change it the way I suggested in one of my previous posts. I wouldn't make it like asharp angle though. It would still flow from the top to the "vertical" stem of the "J".

Maybe try to make the top "horizontal" part a bit longer. It may help as well. Just try out some versions. Maybe some other one will work better. If it doesn't, just keep the current one.
Robert Koritnik

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it looks more like "dv" to me.


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First column. Second row. Yes.

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have you thought of making the j lowercase with a dot to emphasize that it's a j ?

like so:

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i really like how it looks like on your site, but i think it could be even better if you added a stylish dot above the j

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I don't like the geometric dot that gerald added. Different style. Could be better if it was more ungeometric.
Robert Koritnik

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like the spare quality of the site

long live calming down the internet!

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Hmm... apart from the fact that it's too late (my business cards turned up the other day, lacking a dot!) I'm not 100% sold on the dot. I agree it might work, but I don't think it works without changing the shape of the J, and I like the shape of the J :-)

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just wanted to reiterate that dot was only intended to be a rough mockup :)

that was like 2 seconds just to show the idea. i still think with a nice scripted dot it could be amazing.

it still looks great, though

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Great work James.

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"just wanted to reiterate that dot was only intended to be a rough mockup :)"
I know, don't worry!

"Great work James."

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