Research. I'm a noob.

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Hello everyone. So I have a 2,000 word paper due this afternoon and I'm at about 400. This is my own fault, but I also think I am just really rusty at writing papers.

The paper is on typography and tattoos.

Does anyone have any good resources? Or any tips on beginning/finishing a research paper?

I am pretty desperate so if anyone could help right away, that would be amazing!


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I don’t really have any good advice on cranking out last-minute papers. Hopefully you go to a school that allows any assignment to be redone and resubmitted. (Mine did.)

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Probably too late, but why not head to your nearest tat parlor, get the guy to ink an uppercase alphabet on your arm, and interview him/her during the process.

That way you're sure to get an "A" ;-)

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Dig that, good Friday humor, Simon !

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Thanks for the help everyone! Also, the alphabet idea was hilarious... Who knows, maybe I will give that a try. :D

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Hey, you'll also have a B,C,D,F and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

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