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Hello everyone. I am reposting this since it got buried this morning. I would like your opinion on this logo that I am working on for a restaurant in Los Angeles. Please feel free to tear it apart and let me know what I can do to improve upon it. Thank you all very much!


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This is a lot of fun. However, the R seems out of place. It feels a little pushed into the spot. This is a unicase design but you've used a cap R in that way. It really is the only thing I might suggest revisiting and changing back to a lowercase r.

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I have to disagree with Tiffany on that, I think the R gives the logotype a little more character. However, I think the leg could be moved out a little further and the swoosh extended a bit.

The curve of the C seems a little stiff and is it shorter than the d?

Also the a's strokes are too thick and looks larger than the other letters (both taller and wider), especially on the back stroke. Plus that weird wedge... I'd maybe mimic the stroke of the n and even the R more.

I don't know, but I want to see some of those strokes end in a point, even if it's just a the swoosh of the R. They way the end abruptly seems a little strange.

You also might want to vary the extra strokes along the right side of the R and n, even if it's just moving one down so that they're not exactly the same. Same with the connecting strokes of the first 2 o's.

All in all, this is very well done. I will agree with Tiffany, it is fun.

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I like it. (Where's the restaurant located? I'm in LA myself.)

The one thing that might make it a bit less busy and more focused is taming the two "loop-backs" at the bottom-lefts of the "r" and "n", by making them not fully reconnect to their stems; and maybe disjoin the "C" from the rest. And while you're at it you might disjoin the bowl & leg from the stem in the "r" (like you had in the original thread); for one thing that would reduce the possible confusion with a "p".

> I think the leg could be moved out a little
> further and the swoosh extended a bit.

I know this will sound cheesy (and done too explicitly it will most certainly be totally cloying) but I'm seeing the potential for hinting at a smiling face in there: the "ona" is the eyes and nose, and the swoosh of course is the mouth. But "hinting" is the operative word - it should barely be noticeable, something that somebody might eventually point out to a friend, yielding an "Aha!" moment. The desirability of this sort of thing does depend on the intended clientele however.

One other thing: some of the curves are malformed (like the left side of the "C", and the bottom of the "s"). Now, this being a -presumably somewhat populist- Mexican joint, the so-called "vernacular" flavor of such wobbles might be a welcome touch of character. But if not, you might want to pay extra attention to the curve quality.


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Thank you for the critique Miss Tiffany, Asvetic, and hrant. The restaurant does not open for a couple of weeks so there is time to finesse and I will post more progress soon.

hrant: I sent you an email a while back—did you get it? Basically I was asking for info on type design classes at the art center since I could not find it on the Art Center at Night website any longer.


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Sorry I didn't reply. The class hasn't been offered lately, but it's going to be offered again in the Spring!


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looking very nice ... can't wait to see the progression/refinement.

Paul Ducco
Logo Design Melbourne

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Although I like overall the logo, i find that the R looks like a lower case k with the loop and that could be confusing the first time you'll read the name.

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Try the bowl of the R coming off the stem at the same height as the n to avoid the k confusion.

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