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does anyone work in this program? i can't figure out how to import illustrator outlines. does anyone have a pdf manual for it? when i bought my copy, via download, i never got a manual.

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You should have gotten the manual as a PDF.

BTW, FontLab tech support is singularly amazing (especially in this day and age): if you ask them anything, they'll reply, and quickly. In contrast, I once had to ask Apple a question about QTVR (which I had recently purchased), and they wanted to charge me $50 to ask it, with no guarantees that it would be adequately answered.


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Hey Joe, I had the same problem with importing Illustrator EPS files. I'm not sure why this is happening! Any help out there? Thank you in advance and I'm looking forward to being in these forums!

FYI, you can buy a manual for $39.95 at the FontLab site -- look for the manual link -- it's printed and sent to you directly from a third party.

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There are two ways to import Illustrator outlines into FontLab.

1. You can copy and paste an outline directly from Illustrator into FontLab. Note that some bugs have been reported with this method, and I believe Yuri is working to resolve these. At the moment, it is best to copy and past individual outlines, not groups of outlines. Very complex outlines may also have problems.

2. You can save Illustrator outlines as EPS and import using the Glyph/'Import from EPS...' function. I should note that I have not used Illustrator for a long time (I do all my drawing directly in FontLab), so I can't confirm that this method is without problems.

I recommend that you join the FontLab user community on MSN. This is a very lively forum with lots of knowledgeable contributors.

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I think I can help, since I always relied on Illustrator to transfer vector art in FontStudio and now I started doing so in FontLab.

Illustrator support the copy and paste function John mentioned, but the architecture of Illustrator 10 is different. You should use Illustrator 8 or 9.

If you have FreeHand 10, you can easily use the "copy special" feature which allows a different copy strategy for different formats. Selecting the EPS format works exactly like if you are copying directly from Illustrator 8 or 9.

I tested FontLab with a lot of RAM and very complex digitized forms of a hyper-decorated Art Nouveau alphabet juping back and forth between Illustrator 10 and Freehand 10 and FontLab and everything vorks fine. I'm under MacOs 9.1, by the way.

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Btw, Joe, your Sgi corporate typeface was a beautiful thing.

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wow, i can't believe this topic is still around. now that i'm in FL 4.5, transfer of illustrator 10 art works like a charm.

thanks claudio!

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> [Oh, I really know nothing of FontLab (I did not own previous version 3 and I just bought the new 4.5) compared to people like John Hudson or the fantastic John Butler, the OpenType maestro. Just out of curiosity: have you been able to copy directly from Illustrator 10 to FontLab cells or have you done it via FreeHand 10? I'm under Os9, maybe you're under Jaguar (OsX 10.2x)? Also, I've seen your ITC text face release, don't recall, the name. It seems very, very interesting but hard to judge from the small samples. Would it be possible to have a pdf? Besides, here in Italy many people used Monolein for Book covers, some in a very bad way. Monolein and SGI seem separated at birth, but SGI was more gracious, in my opinion.]

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hi claudio

you can copy from ai10 to fl 4.5 as long as you change the clipboard seetings from pdf to AICB. i am not a FH user so i can't comment on that unfortunately.

you are referring to ITC Tactile. i will send you a pdf if you send me your email. email me here:

yes, monolein was a predecessor to sgi, good eyes. i drew sgi after maturing as a type designer. monolein was my first, i drew it in college actually. i'd love to see your work as well. cheers!

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I've been trying to import the Illustrator 10 to the FontLab4.5 and I still couldn't see anything on the screen. Can somebody help me please???? I know that this issue has been around here for a while.

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You have to change your clipboard settings to paste ai onto fontlab work !

Thank you...
A french graphic design student working on a perso type...

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There is a special pdf document on describing the process of copy-pasting from Illustrator to FontLab.

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