Indian Uncial - Quirky or Just Plain Ugly?

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This is a current project of mine — I am trying to make a contemporary display face inspired by some hand painted signs that I saw in India. The typography takes bits from bold Hindi script which inspires some of the quirks of the roman letters. The other quirks come from how some Indian sign painters actually executed the roman letters. The goal of the type is to look ethnic without being ethnocentric.

I plan on using it as a logotype for a non profit. Right now I'm on the fence — is it quirky in a good way, or just plain ugly? Is it intriguing enough that I should continue with additional letterforms to create an uncial typeface?

Attached are two iterations of the proposed logotype, the top has a capitol n, and a relatively normal d (with a little quirk in the bowl.) The version on the bottom has an even quirkier D (which I prefer as it creates symmetry with the a, and continues the the rhythm of the rest of the the letterforms.)

This is in its infancy and line weights are not refined — Advice and criticism would be appreciated.

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this is really interesting. i'd love to see more letters.
I just got back from india today so am intrigued to see how this turns out. I prefer the lowercase n.
cheers :)

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Not ugly at all. I'd like to see some more sample text and a full glyph set.


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This is really nice. I agree with Ben and like the lowercase n better than the upper, but I disagree with you and like the more conservative D than the really quirky one. And I usually really like quirkiness in typefaces. I just fear that it could be difficult to real in certain situations. I think if you are going to just create enough for the logo, than the really quirky D works.

Is this all that you are going to create or do you think you are going to make a complete typeface?

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At this point the project has been put on hold. The gent who was setting it up went to grad school and decided that this was a venture that he would explore later. So as of now I have a half made glyph set and this logotype. It will remain that way until he revisits the project or there is interest from someone else.

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Hi Ian, congrats for this really nice font!

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