A wonderful pop-up typo book from France

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I got myself a copy today after seeing that. The UK edition is published by Bloomsbury, but sadly they haven't given it that moving cover.

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I'll put my hands on it at my next France trip.

fredo: haven't seen your post, sorry... I guess the title was too obscure :-)


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This book is available to order on Amazon at the amazingly inexpensive price of $13.57 (plus $3.99 for shipping). And according to the product description, this version does have the "moving cover" apparently missing from the UK editon mentioned above. I've just ordered my copy this evening.

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I got my copy last week and showed it to the our new students. I think it has been very inspiring. About the price ... I don't know how it works out ... and I think I it's better not to know ... but I couldn't resist.

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