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This is for a conference focusing on women's political issues scheduled for Boston to coincide with the Democratic nominating convention.
The information I received from the client was basically asking for something professional but not super traditional -- a tiny bit edgy is okay with them. The magenta is a color they asked for (the other color they like is a really lemon-y yellow, close to process yellow, which makes me think of a bedspread my sister had in 1977).
These are a couple of ideas I put together to get started. Fonts used are Akzidenz and Hitchcock (clumsily modified).

Does anyone have advice or suggestions on the design? Thanks in advance, I value your opinions.logo 1logo 2

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Quite different in character. I think the top design conveys the title better and would be taken more seriously (if that's a factor). The "A-star" is a great concept, but the awkward star-point that is created is bothering me. I think I'd rather just see the star-point creating the "A" rather than awkwardly joining with it. Nice designs.


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I like your designs. One thing though, the hand in the second design looks quite masculine. It also has a Black Panthers feel to it. Which might be just fine depending upon how "revolutionary" the women are and what political issues they are representing.

Not knowing the applications for the logo it's hard to say for sure, however I think your choice of magenta (over yellow) is a safe one. If the logo is being printed small, on a brochure for example, the yellow could get lost.

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The top logo says: Stability. The bottom logo says: Radicals. What is the groups' makeup? Are they a DAR group empowering womans rights?

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Does the bottom one need the fist? I think the type is interesting on its own.

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The left seems more credible as a potential political logotype. The right isn't as powerful to me, and doesn't uplift my spirit as much as the left. The left shows direction. The fist seems to cliche. The lowercase e seems awkward and whimpy. Take a look at other Grotesque faces(maybe Helvetica) I like Scott's suggestion about the point of the star making the A, seems like a good idea.

A good political logo in my mind would be one that tries to appeal to the swing voters not the already established far left or far right.

If the pink is a necessity, then you meed some strength to contrast the femininity.

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