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Just something that came to me whilst playing around with Illustrator CS4 :)

Comments/Critique welcome.

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Don't "just come up with something while playing around with Illustrator." Put a pencil to paper and actually work out some ideas before getting on the computer. Also, I read this as "ZAN".

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Hm... kind of looks like a BMX brand from the 80s. If that's a good thing, then that's a good thing :)

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"ZEN" came to me first, then I saw "ZEV", then "7EV" and "7EN". I can't tell which it's supposed to be without looking at your username.

- Lex

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One thing is for sure. It reads ZEN easier than ZEV. I wasn't even aware of it until Lex pointed it out. So it's imperative that this logo has legibility problems.
Robert Koritnik

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I read the same variations as Lex. Right now the mark is unclear.

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and for good measure ... TEN.

I'd agree about the "just playing with Illustrator" comment though. but good on you for playing.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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actully i like .. except am agrees with comments up here

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