Face the Nation website now complete

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I'm pleased to announce that the newly enhanced website accompanying my recent exhibition


is now live, at this address:


The just-added changes include more information about the works on display in the exhibition (and shown on the site).

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Congrats, and the effort this must have taken deserves recognition.

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Thanks; it was much work but I had many hands (including a number of Typophiles) along the way.

(I'm particularly glad that this caught your eye, Peter; the Blackletter catalogue was a real inspiration for my work.)

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Great work, Craig! I’m sorry that I won’t be able to get out there and see the exhibition in person. Have you thought about turning the web site into a magazine article? Work like this really deserves to be preserved in print.

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A very nice website.

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@James: Thanks for the compliment. I agree that it'd be nice to see this information in print. The website wound up taking the place of a printed catalogue for feasibility's sake. There's been some murmurs of possibilities of reassembling the show for some new venues in other cities - if that happens perhaps a printed catalogue would be possible. I also have thought the information might make for a good special issue of a design journal, but I haven't pursued that so far.

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