Wedding Invite help... (!)

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I'm currently trying to design my wedding invite. I find doing projects for myself are the hardest and totally uninspiring, so I'm desperately scouting for advice and input!

Our wedding is at Christmas in a 17th Century building in London, so there's plenty of associated imagery to go on. I'm totally bored with the Letterpress styled invites and really don't want to use any monograms or scripts like Affair/Biscotti/Bickham etc.

In fact, I want to do something typography-led but slightly more humorous as the wedding will be pretty relaxed. I'm thinking our initials made up of naff tinsel or shabby christmas lights - something a bit tongue in cheek.


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If you find designing for yourself totally uninspiring, why don't you try being a client for a change and ask your favorite designer friend to do one for you? (Just be sure not to micro-manage.)

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"I’m currently trying to design my wedding invite."

Don't. It seems like a good idea, but quickly turns into yet-another-thing-to-stress-about-before-the-wedding.

And, in the end, they just end up in the bottom of a box of silly wedding mementos in the back of your closet some where that you have to drag from house to house for the rest of your life.

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kentlew - I wish I had, but it's too late for that! I 'promised' to do them already. Bah!
aluminum - I am mega-stressed about this actually, you're right. Can't seem to think of anything decent that either of us agree on! Doesn't help that most of our friends are in the creative industry either! Agghh...

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Well, if a friend of yours "offered the design as as wedding present", it would be so very rude to decline the offer on the grounds of your already having promised to do it yourself, wouldn't it?

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One thing about wedding invites are that they are in fact a total pain in the ass, and totally uninspiring. But there are a couple of ways to make the design professional and clean.

Usually I use white, and a nice clean type phase (usually serifs are best).

I'd probably start with typing the words with times, something thats been around for a long time.

As for the layout, you want to keep it simple as possible, and clean as possible. Try playing with unity and balance, those really help in your situation. You also definitely want the couple's photo in your invite. Try asking them if they have a hi-resolution portrait of them.

Next, choose your font (Don't use helvetica. Its a beautiful font, but its not something that'll look good in a wedding invite... although I might do it in mine). You might want to use something very simple and easy to read. Design is cool, but some people (especially seniors) find it annoying.

Finally, Color. Choose white. I think that'll work best.

Good luck


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i'm just about to embark on the same thing for friends

the words audrey hepburn, 40s glamor are all i have at present!

its gonna be "fun"

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