Aperture Symbol and other photo symbols

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Can anyone suggest a typeface that has the aperture of a camera lens as a glyph? Or, more generally, a typeface that has photo/camera symbols?

If you don't know what the symbol looks like here is one version:


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I quickly made one for you---it has eight sliding elements
and various apertures. If you need any change in the parameters
(more elements, fewer, different widths,...), let me know,
because my source code is parametric.




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I can't get your files to work, Luc. The ttf file is blank and the afm doesn't download.

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In fact the glyphs are inside (I can see them in FontLab), but there is the usual matter of Unicode ranges and supported codepages. The bad news: all glyphs are PUA, so they need either renaming, or cheating with Unicode values to get them working. Or this can be done via opentype, replacing for example the bullet symbol from all aperture glyphs (which should display a glyph selection palette). But believe me, this can become quite messy... So, Luc, any ideas?

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Well, they work for me. I give my dingbat glyphs special names for several
reasons. I don't want to start calling symbols "a" that do not represent
the glyph "a" just because it is technically convenient.
I always design type 1 versions first (so try the pfb/afm combination).
Most software should handle the type 1 (PostScript) files correctly.
When I generate ttf fonts from type 1 fonts, programs such as FontForge
put the specially named symbols in an area outside the regular glyph area,
and so, renaming may be necessary for some applications, as you pointed out.
In summary: try the type 1 version, and let me know.

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The type 1 version doesn't work because this http://cg.scs.carleton.ca/~luc/Apacha-Ichiban.afm doesn't open correctly.

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Wow! Thanks!

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