'Mightier' - A new art print by Seb Lester

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Hello Typophiles,

I have produced a limited edition screen print.
It's metallic gold lettering on Plike, a luxurious black paper.

I have a big site update planned in the next month at
www.seblester.co.uk, with lots of new work, but wanted
to give Typophiles a preview of this piece.

Please contact me via my site for pricing and availability.



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NIce Seb!

Quincunx's picture

Stunning. :)

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Thanks Ale Paul and Quincunx.
I'm really pleased with how they've printed.

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Hi Seb, how's things? is that going to be a typeface (3 typefaces) or is it a one-off piece of art?

Pretty tasty BTW.

Nick Cooke

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Hi Nick. No typefaces here. Just a one-off print.
I think they could probably all work well as fonts,
but too much other stuff to do at the moment.
I'm sure you know the feeling!

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