This made me laugh: Arialvetica

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i was taking a break from inking the letters, and found this on the back of the magazine in the studio. maybe its just late and i'm tired, but this made me laugh quite a bit...

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Think this was intentional? Or a default-font substitution?

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Love it!! Serves them right.


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I’m guessing that this was someone having a little fun with typographers. Anyone who gets it will either get pissed or giggle, so it’s a versatile prank.

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this is great!

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can you remember the mag and edition? i would love to refer to this in a lecture i'm scheduled to give next month.

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the mag is called 'EMPTY'
issue 09, 'The Semi-Permanent Issue' 2007
the ad is on the back cover.
I can make more scans if you require.

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here is a link to the mag's site:

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haha classic.

That has go to be intentional

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