Good OCR software for Mac OSX?

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G'day guys,

Just wondered if anyone could recommend a good OCR software package for mac OSX. It seems that there a few that only work with PC. We need to scan some back issues of our journal for an anthology, but as the layouts vary greatly the OCR would need to be reasonably smart. I've experimented with the one that comes with the penultimate Acrobat Professional 7 but it seems to require a lot of fine-tooth checking and changing which kind of defeats the purpose of saving time.


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I've used ReadIris, and it's quite serviceable.

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Check your scanner and see if any was included with it. My old HP scanner sucked, but the OCR software it came with was great.

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Thanks Steve, I'll have a look at this:

Thanks James: Yeah I did but it's only for PC unfortunately

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Acrobat Professional from at least version 8 on also has built-in OCR capabilities.

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Ah...need to read better. So Acrobat Pro 7 didn't work out so hot then?

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No it made a lot of mistakes and inserted returns for double columned docs. Maybe it's a matter of playing with the options but hmm..

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Thanks Alessandro -- this is much more expensive than ReadIris, do you know if it's that much better?

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I used version 8. on MacOS Classic, it worked pretty well to me, I suppose this new release is even much better. I haven't tried ReadIris, Nicholas.

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