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hello typophilies

I've just finished a project called DAS KAPITAL a classless character

I laugh until my heads come off :-) it seems to be a very current issue ;-)

in a classless society all letters are equal

all 25 of his best friends are important for building the Kapital K

it's up to them to stay in balance and not to collapse

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/Ivan hums L'Internationale

After all these years, and I still remember the words...
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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nice job!

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That is quite fantastic.

Ziet er goed uit. :)

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Hi Janno,

Can you tell us more about how you made the ‘cube glyphs’.


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Good timing! In some way you're receiving some free publicity, at least it reminds once again about the project you've done.

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What's up with the "N"?
Looks like a classless society has its misfits.
And of course, some are more equal than others--A and B are the folks who live on the hill.
W, X, Y and Z: how long will you continue to support the whole iniquitous system?!

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well actually N's position is very important in this Kapital
so don't pull it out of the K ! that would make it collapse

it's only the K that's classless (with the help from 25 friends)
and of course the view is better up high
but the lower positions are equally important


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dear pieter
to make one Kapital you need about 250 small wooden planks (triplex)
and a lot of patience to glue them together in the right order . . .

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I imagine N hears a lot of abuse from the other letters for standing out, even though it's doing a crucial job and they need it exactly where it is. They probably call it an "Ñ" and tell it to go back to where it came from.

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exelant job

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