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Hey everyone,

I am new to this site and am really enjoying the various threads I have read so far.

My question for the day is in regard to the font Argentica. Does anyone know where/if this can be purchased or even have any info about this font? I have asked the Google and it didn't net any results so I thought I'd put it to the forum..

Any help much appreciated

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That's just a Kabel clone.
Look under Bauhaus too.


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It looks like your sample comes from the Phil's Fonts catalog for photo typositors. This was from the pre-digital world and I don't know of a digital version. I think your closest option would be found in the many variants of Chalet.

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BTW, Hrant is right that the two most mannered characters (a and g) are modeled from Kabel.

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Great, thanks hrant and Stephen for the help.
It is the lower g that really grabbed my attention, looks like kabel is the way to go.

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