MF Dots Pro - 35 segment LED display-based typeface

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Hello all,

I work with fonts in my spare time.
The most work I do is editing original fonts, but sometimes I make ones.
This my latest release, MF Dots Pro:

This is the second font I've made completely by my self.
MF Dots was done in 2007, containing only Latin. Now I've extended it with much more glyphs. Maybe I post my other self-made fonts also.

You can download a free-for-personal-use beta version from here.

- TrueType format
- 3 weights (Light, Regular, Bold) + Italics
- 653 glyhps per file
- Contains Latin, CE, Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Cyrillic and special symbols.

Please rate. :)

Please note, that I'm a beginner in making fonts.
I used Font Creator Program 5.6 for this typeface, so don't expect high detail, OT features, etc. I have some really cool ideas for fonts, but I just don't know how to convert them to real fonts. This simple (dot-based) font I almost the only font you could make with FCP. I have FontLab installed, but don't know how to use it.
May I post some drawings of these fonts so you can give tips how to make real fonts of it?

Thanks in advance, and enjoy MF Dots Pro!

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Nice work, Martin.

Like for me, very good for the first font. Special thanks for Cyrillic.

I think you must change in Greek some glyphs, as illustrated

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Maybe you may change design of M and F as illustrated

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Thanks for your reply.
I think I'll compress those Greek chars a bit, so that they reach the x-height.
I won't fix the "i", as this is a monospaced font.

About MF: In this design it's impossible. All chars needs to be max 5x7 dots, as based on the original LED displays.

I'll look for some FLS tutorials, so I can add OpenType features, small caps, etc.

I discovered some more mistakes that must be fixed. ;)

Kind regards,

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Sorry Martijn, I misprinted your name in my first reply.

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Nevermind ;)

Anyone other comments?

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Um,could you re-ypload to mega? The Download link is Dead. Thanks

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To answer your “Off-topic question: How do I insert images in my post?” See the link “Insert image” at the bottom of the “Post new comment” window.

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