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hi guys, can anyone suggest any american typefaces?
could be current, classic, serif or sans, historical... anything goes.
also would be great if they somehow look or feel american... are there any typefaces you think are important to american design?

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Verdana and Georgia, designed for that great American invention, the Internet.

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American Typewriter?

Or Letterror Federal?

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Off the top of my head:

Binny & Ronaldson Pica No. 1, Oxford, Monticello
Century Expanded, Century Schoolbook, Benton Modern
Franklin Gothic, News Gothic, Trade Gothic
Caledonia, Electra, Fairfield, Primer
Goudy Oldstyle
Cooper Black
Copperplate Gothic
Ionic No. 5, Excelsior, Corona
Souvenir, Hobo
Serif Gothic, Benguiat, Korinna
Rockwell, Stymie
Knockout, Chronicle, Gotham
ITC Stone
Prensa, Quiosco
Stainless, Dispatch

Pretty wide open question, really . . .

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oops, sorry, i missed it in the list above...

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Verdana and Georgia, designed for that great American invention, the Internet.

The World Wide Web is actually an European invention.

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...and Verdana and Georgia were designed by an Englishman. Verdana was nominated for a BBC best of British design award.

Nick forgot to include the smiley sign.

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Thanks for givin’ me a lesson in irony, Sii. >>> ;-)

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"The World Wide Web is actually an European invention."

I think Nick was joking when he said that the internet was an American invention.


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No. I was using the Berners-Lee bait.
And those Matthew Carter typefaces were in fact American designs. He had been living and working in America for 15 years at the time he designed them, and they were commissioned and published by an American company.

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I generally think of Gotham as a genuinely American typeface. It's based off of American industrial lettering, created by an American type designer, and is now ubiquitous in American advertising.

Also, Century Schoolbook has some sort of uniquely American quality about it, perhaps because I remember it from books when I was a child.

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Post Obama campaign gotham is surely the peoples font with definite american flavour to it.

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