Typographic Personals

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My type class is doing a small side project on our neglected letterpress (literally saved from the throws of destruction this fall). Basically it entails each person individually writing a personal for a letter in the alphabet, such as:

Letter B seeking typographically compatible companion. A, E, I, O, U, but not Y. Okay with heavier weight. Good kerning a must.

Just a rough example, but you get the idea. I have the letter S and haven't come up with anything good, so I was wondering if anyone had any sort of ideas. Raunchy and inappropriate are fine.

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Do your thinking for you? No way. Straight off a nice tangy juicy S word with sexual and gender overtones springs to mind, but I'm not going to tell you what it is.

Maybe if you open up a Thesaurus at the Individual Volition section and try a few words beginning with S.

j a m e s

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Not asking you to think for me or do the design end. The side project is not even graded. Just thought some others may find it humorous and I've always found talking with others to be creatively helpful.

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Curvaceous Saucy Salome seeks single tall-handled handsome Harry with wholesome hump. Together, we can shag ship-shape between the sheets while banging on the blanket.


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